July 30, 2012

Stress and Fun

This week/weekend/ and start to this week has been SO hard for me. Just to recap, my gadget baby (my computer) died a week ago this past sunday, I had a flood in my basement from our broken toilet, and I had a misquoted confusion with a client, and the phone has not stopped ringing for days.

My computer is my digital baby (besides my camera gear). I loved it and I could’ve cried, not because I was going to lose anything but because I’d had my gorgeous iMac for 7 years. It was broken in just the way I like and it was the first thing I bought when starting my photography business. I bought it when I had nothing. When we relocated to Cape Cod, I knew it was sick. It was dying the slow painful death of computers when the screen starts to bleed from hours and hours of use with the screen on. It was so old that the Apple store couldn’t upload the latest operating software on it because it didn’t have a component that the new computers had, and their latest update for software had created a corruption in my internet connection. Besides ALL that… I still loved her. That was heartbreaking. Being a Wedding and Portrait Photographer, I had all my files backed up on an army of hard drives (and that’s only ONE of 2-3 ways I back up my files, and YOU SHOULD TOO!). She’s GONE! 🙁
Next onto the flood in the basement. We have 4 bathrooms in our house. It’s not a huge house, it’s what I would call a standard family of 4 Cape Cod Home. But it’s full of “Crap”, it’s not all crap but it feels like crap. Sometimes I feel like we are living like hoarders, we aren’t by the way but it feels like it. Just so you know the back story, this house has been in the family for 40+ years. Grandparents bought this house when it was built, My mom moved in with Grandma after Grandpa died, now My family has moved in with my mom after my Grandma died and we are fixing it up. So if you count the amount of families that has been in and out of this house, imagine all of their “stuff” never leaving. It’s quite funny actually until you have gallons of water pouring out of the back of your toilette and following the walls and pipes to the basement and soaking EVERYTHING!
Ya it was a blast to clean up, aaaaaaaaaand it was my fault. I didn’t know the toilet was broken, tried to flush it by hand and voila! the toilet runs and runs because I was the idiot who didn’t make sure the arm was resettled (the thing that makes it think it needs to fill the toilet tank with water) But I DID make sure the plug was sealed… hence the gallons of water that had no place to go.
Sounds like fun doesn’t it?
Next was the client mix up. I’m sure this happens to everyone at least once but it freaked me out and I felt terrible because I couldn’t fix it. A scheduled appointment for one date, but the client was actually coming on another date, and waited, waited, and waited for me. I, on the other hand, was cleaning a flood without my cell on my (so it wouldn’t get wet) and didn’t get the calls. Needless to say they were upset, I was upset, and no photoshoot for either of us that night. I can’t tell you how gut wrenching it is when a scheduling error happens. I feel sick to my stomach like i’m going to vomit and even worse when I can’t fix it. I did everything I could to make it right. I hope they know how upset I am too. I’ve been told this happens to everyone at some point, but I plan on doing EVERYTHING I can to make sure it NEVER happens again.

On the positive note, because I don’t want my Karma keeping with the negativity in this whole post, I have an amazing family. Family to help clean up the water and fix my messes, friends that help you get a new computer within a week of the old one dying, and the most adorable and love-able daughter in the whole wide world. Before the craziness of the flood and the client and the phone off the hook, I was able to play outside with my husband and daughter in a puddle. It was the only puddle we could find and I am in love with the results. There’s not too much a giggling 2 year old can’t cure. So without anymore hesitation, here are my puddle splashing photos! I hope you enjoy after all my ranting… and thank you for listening!










  1. Grace says:

    That first photo is awesome!

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