May 12, 2018

Figawi Ball… makey up tips for Cape Cod’s Red Carpet event of the Year!

Raise your hand if you’re going to the Figawi Ball in a week?

This will be my first time attending and working the red carpet. YUP I said RED CARPET! How much fun does that sound?
If you haven’t already, get on that and get your tickets now!

First things first… I highly recommend hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup. There’s an extensive selection here on Cape Cod that are phenomenal. Just to name a few, Andrea Kooharian -makeup artist, Lisa George – makeup artist, as well as Stacey Kuehn – Hair stylist, or Kate Scott – Hair Stylist. Ask around and you’ll hear how stunning and good they are. (not to mention super nice).

Spilt Milk Tattoo

But if you’re like me and usually do your own hair and makeup here’s a few quick pointers I’ve learned from some of the amazing women above.


Primer! Even if you haven’t let the sun ravage your skin, primer is a great start to even the level of skin from creases, bumps etc. It is a little bit of a filler and they also have matte primers that help with shine in photos. Won’t stop you from sweating on a hot day but it will keep the shine/sheen down for photos. Great place to start is here.

Cultural Center of Cape Cod

Next, I use an under eye concealer for my dark circles. The power women on Cape Cod know all about the need for cover up under the eyes. This is where I used to have problems, even with my iPhone photos, looking like Raccoon eyes. Know what I’m talking about? The masked look? yup that was me even just last year! I asked all my makeup artist goddesses what to do and this was the most helpful. Peach colored under eye coverup. I was always using the green. Never worked for me. But the peach… Game changer for me.

BLENDING… instead of only putting the peach cover up on the under eye, I apply it in a triangle into my cheeks. This allows me to blend it more into the rest of the face avoiding the masked look. As well as being careful to blend ALL of the concealer and coverups into my hairline and down my neck. Nobody wants to look like they’re wearing a mask!

West End Hyannis

Last, I stay away from ALL sparkles, shimmers, and glitters. The camera picks up such tiny detail that those shiney accents, meant to be awesome to the eye, make you look like you’re sweating or just off color. So avoid those. I do think some shine on the eyes is great, but not under the eye, nose, or forehead.

Those are my make up tips for any event or photoshoot. Good Luck and see you on the Red Carpet!





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